Constipation Treatment Dorset

Constipation is a very common condition and most people will suffer from it at some point in their lives. For some, this can become more serious if it becomes chronic. Constipation can cause individuals to become dependent on laxatives and prolonged toileting. If you are in need of constipation treatment identification in Dorset, Mr Andrew Clarke can help.

What is constipation?

Constipation is where bowel movements are a lot less frequent than they usually are. This may be because bowel activity is reduced through true constipation or because the rectum cannot expel its contents (ODS or obstructive defecation syndrome). It is important to obtain professional assessment and diagnosis in order to receive the correct treatment. 

What is ODS?

ODS is a form of constipation which affects many people (mainly women) and often can affect daily life. As well as infrequent bowel opening and the need for laxatives, clues for poor evacuation include:

●      Excessive straining

●      A sensation of incomplete evacuation

●      The need to apply pressure to the perineum / the need to insert a finger in to either the front or back passage to expel the stool

What treatment is given for ODS or chronic constipation?

Before receiving any treatment, you will have a discussion with a consultant to discuss symptoms and if it is deemed necessary, a camera test of the bowel may be necessary as a check to see if everything is healthy. After a consultation and diagnosis, a consultant will provide dietary advice, specialist physiotherapy exercises and other individual tailored advice.  Should these measures not improve the condition then it’s likely formal investigation of the pelvic floor would be offered to establish where the entrapment of the stool is occurring and what potential surgical correction might be offered to that particular individual 

If you are in need of constipation treatment in Dorset , or would like to speak to a specialist about your options, get in touch with Mr Andrew Clarke or the clinic today to discuss next steps.


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