How much does private treatment cost?

The total cost of treatment will cover the cost of the hospital, surgeon and anaesthetist but will vary considerably depending on your condition and the treatment you require. To ensure you are correctly advised we suggest you to do the following:

– See your GP. You may need a referral from your GP for your health insurance.

– Contact your health insurance company for authorisation for a consultation.

– Call the above number or use the contact page of this website to make an appointment to see Mr Clarke.

– You will see Mr Clarke for a diagnosis and an assessment of your treatment and needs

Do I need a referral to see Mr Clarke?

You do not necessarily need a referral to see Mr Clarke although it is deemed ‘good practice’ by the General Medical Council (GMC) and is always very useful to Mr Clarke to have your full clinical background.  Some insurance companies will insist on a referral letter to authorise a claim.

What are the advantages of laparoscopic surgery compared with open surgery?

Laparoscopic surgery is performed by making small incisions near the part of the anatomy where surgery is required. It follows that:

– There is less pain and recovery is quicker

– Because there is less pain there is less need for pain medication

– A quicker recovery means a shorter stay in hospital

– Smaller incisions means there is less risk of infection.

– Read our Laparoscopic Treatment page for more information

How long will I be in hospital and off work?

Clearly the length of your stay in hospital will depend on your condition and the treatment it requires. Most patients leave hospital on the same day they are admitted. Other factors may be significant:

– The condition being treated.

– The treatment required.

– The patient’s age.

-Whether the patient has any coexisting conditions

In such instances 1 to 5 days in hospital may be appropriate. When the patient will be able to get back to work will depend on the extent of the procedure and the surgeon will give advise in each individual c

How successful is the surgery likely to be?

All surgery involves risks to the patient but success rates for laparoscopic surgery are very high.

What lifestyle changes will be involved?

To all intents and purposes you will find that in a short time after laparoscopic surgery has been carried out that you will be able to return to a normal lifestyle.

Can I get treatment on the NHS?

All treatments are available on the NHS, however there is a longer delay for an outpatient appointment and routine surgery on the NHS .


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