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Skin Lesions

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Superficial skin lesions are caused by a number of conditions. Most need the expertise of a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. Occasionally they may require onward referral to a surgeon if the nature of the lesion or its size, require surgery often with a general anaesthetic to remove. 

Some skin lesions may in fact reside beneath the skin and not within it. These may include sebaceous cysts or lipomas. Sebaceous cysts are common on the scalp and can be uncomfortable with brushing hair or with headgear. All sebaceous cysts run the risk of becoming infected and most usually surgery to remove them is advised. Lipomas can increase in size and be found at awkward areas such as a belt or bra line and benefit from surgical removal.

Recognising and understanding the nature of skin lesions is crucial for early diagnosis and effective management of underlying conditions. It is advisable to seek medical help for any new, changing, or persistent lesions to rule out serious conditions like skin cancer.

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