Haemorrhoids Treatment in Dorset

Haemorrhoids, also known as Piles, are a swelling of the blood vessels on the inside of the anal canal which in some cases, can swell and bleed. If haemorrhoids are left untreated, they can protrude to the out side, become painful, irritating and the bleeding can become perfuse. If you are suffering with haemorrhoids, Mr Andrew Clarke offers haemorrhoids treatment in Dorset at multiple locations. 

Haemorrhoids are classified into four grades:

Grade 1: No prolapse 

Grade 2: The haemorrhoids recede by themselves

Grade 3: The prolapse can be pushed back manually

Grade 4: The haemorrhoids are permanently external

What symptoms are associated with Haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoid symptoms can often be signs of other issues. However the main common symptoms are:
●      Anal itching 
●      Bleeding during bowel movements
●      Sensitive lumps in and around the anus

What causes a haemorrhoid?

Haemorrhoids are very common issues for people of all ages. The following have been identified as causes:
●      Age
●      Chronic constipation / diarrhoea
●      Straining during bowel movements 
●      Overuse of laxatives

How are haemorrhoids diagnosed?

Haemorrhoids are often mistaken for other issues such as an anal fissure. Rectal bleeding usually requires investigation to be certain there is no other pathology higher up within the bowel that can mimic piles. That is why it is important to be seen by a consultant to ensure you have the correct diagnosis before seeking treatment. 

Haemorrhoids Treatment Dorset

If haemorrhoids are mild, changes to lifestyle and diet can be sufficient to alleviate the condition. Making sure you have a high fibre diet is one way to alleviate symptoms as this creates softer stools to pass. Another way is to ensure that the anal area is clean so that the skin can recover. Warm baths can help relieve any pain and using over the counter wipes with witch hazel can also help the surrounding skin. 

Treatment options include banding, Rafaelo procedure, HALO (Doppler guided ligation) and excision depending on the type of haemorrhoid you have.

If you are suffering from any haemorrhoid symptoms, or suspect that you may have a hemorrhoid, contact Mr Andrew Clarke for an appointment and haemorrhoids treatment in Dorset. 


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